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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Italy (Day 4) Amazing Amalfi

Our Balcony View - Pinch Me!

🙌 We found Paradise in Positano. 

Stunning Sorrento - Gateway to the Amalfi Coast
We easily got a cab from the stand located next to the Pantheon to take us to the central train station.  We took a train from Rome to Naples.  There, we met our private driver (pre-arranged with Amalfi Coast Destination) to take us the rest of the way to Positano. 

We booked our train tickets online at Trenitalia a couple days earlier. It was all super easy and convenient. Since it was our first time on a train, we elected to upgrade to the premium car and pre-selected our seats (4 seats around a table).

It was a fantastic set-up. Our luggage fit easily above our seats. And, a snack cart came by with drinks and snacks (included in premium). 

Guess who was there to greet us as soon as we walked off the train? Yep, our driver! With no worries, he took us right to the vehicle and we were on our way out of Naples and into PARADISE.

Our drive was so much more lovely than mere transportation.  Maurizio stopped at scenic overlooks and guided us to exit the vehicle and admire the views overlooking the coastal town of Sorrento.

Getting closer... Tordigliano Belvedere - scenic stop on the world-famous Amalfi Drive. These coastal cliffs *WOW* the drive is stunning and peering over the edge is exhilarating. Stopping here for a fresh icy lemon pick-me-up is top-notch!

It was nice to sit back and relax as our driver navigated the twisty curvy cliff-side road. Molly got a little queasy towards the last part, but she had refused the Dramamine I tried to give her before we began the drive. I had taken it myself, so felt just fine. If you are prone to car sickness, it is best to sit closer to the front of the vehicle.  Thankfully, she didn't hurl and we soon arrived at our accommodations in Positano.

You thought I took a lot of pics of the Pantheon 😂 THIS here is the stuff of dreams. It's super gorgeous and my pics are the absolute worst.

Our hotel lobby. Why, yes. I'll wait right here while you ready our room. The Mediterranean sun is warmly giving colors of delight in every direction. Wowsers!

And then, we went to our room. Wowsers!  I had chosen our hotel Marincanto because it boasts a private beach and we were coming during the peak summer crowds.  Well, let me tell you - this place is definitely a winner in luxury!  Bonus - they also have a pool! 

There are several terraces for simply lounging in the sun. It's so beautiful here with stunning views in all directions.

There's a whole lotta steps to get down to the beach, so you will certainly be able to work off all that fine Italian food :)

Private Walkway to the Beach

Beach Club next to us where you can get fantastic bar service!

Positano Paradise!

The kids loved having a pool in addition to the beach and we were able to order lunch and drinks poolside from the friendly staff.

Poolside Delights!

Path from our beach spot back up to the Marincanto

It was our first time on a pebbly beach. I had worried that it would feel rough under our feet, but the pebbles are smooth from ocean kisses.  Without the churning of sand, we could see so clearly to our feet in the water.  The waves are gentle and we did not worry about the kids swimming on their own.

This cliff side village has such a laid back✌️vibe. The food. Omg, the FOOD. It's all fresh Mediterranean and so freaking delicious!!  For our first meal, we went up street side (there's an elevator in the hotel) and simply wandered a short distance to this inviting restaurant.  I had worried that the food might not be that great since they had such a premium location.  This worry was put to rest as all the food is so delicious!  Our entire stay, we only had 1 meal that was not so good and that was at one of the beach level restaurants.  All the restaurants we ate at up in the cliff are supremely amazing!

When we got back to our hotel, we stumbled upon the leftover fresh flower decorations from an earlier wedding. We had so much fun with our little "Love" photoshoot.  We are in LOVE with Positano!

Falling asleep listening to the gentle waves hit the shore. Buona Notte, Dormi Bene da Positano!

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