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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Italy (Day 7) Beach Day in Positano Paradise

☀️BEACH Day in Positano Paradise, Amalfi Coast. Our planned unplanned (see what I did there) day turned into sun, beach, and relaxation! Postcard Perfection 🙌.

Good morning, Positano!
I had left this "buffer" day flexible for exploring Positano on our own. Looking at my notes, I saw that I had jotted down Walk with the Gods. Somehow, we ended up doing nothing, but relaxing and enjoying our immediate surroundings basking in the beauty of this beach-side oasis.  It was really nice to have this spare day for some extra beach time.

Where is everybody? Shhh, still sleeping!

You have probably seen plenty of posts about the summer crowds at the beach in Positano.  Those iconic photo shots of all those beach chairs lined up perfectly certainly conjures images of over-packed lounging.  It does definitely get busier especially during the midday, but we never saw it at the capacity of those pics meant to scare you away and we were there at the August peak.  We wandered over periodically, took many pics and then happily returned to our secluded area.


This is why we absolutely recommend staying at the Marincanto with its private beach access.  There is another option which is La Scogliera, the private beach club next to Marincanto.  It sits directly on the beach.  It is certainly a $ pricey option, but I think if you are not staying in Positano and come over for a beach day, it is well worth the splurge.  We went over to inquire about getting chairs/umbrellas just to get 10 steps down to the water (yes, we are THAT lazy) but promptly returned to our deck-level when quoted roughly $400 for the day.   

Anybody can certainly enjoy this section of beach here. You just aren't allowed to set any towels down if you are not a paying customer of the club.  This includes putting towels on the rocks to lean on.  Ask me how I know (haha).

There is no beach service on Marincanto's beach deck, but the staff member taking care of towels and such on the deck does stock cold beers in a fridge for guests. 

I made the trek all the way back up to the pool level for a real drink. Whew, that was a bit of an effort.

And then, I stumbled upon the bar at the beach club!  Yes, please :) such a friendly bartender with a real talent for scrumptious cocktails. 

I made the same trek several times and each drink was served in a unique cup.  It's definitely worth a wander over here!

We super loved the convenience of the mid-level pool service from the restaurant and the food was delicious! So good that we ordered the same seafood dish over and over. Then, we ordered it again.

You know what is mind boggling? The beach completely empties at sunset. Whaaat?! I know, right?! Sunrise and sunset are the BEST time to be on the beach and it is completely empty.

In the evening, we left the kids in the hotel with room service and strolled the quaint alleyways upside to arrive at a romantic ❤️ dinner with plenty of 🍷 and delicious local foods. 

Beautiful shops line the cliff-side village.  I couldn't resist making a few purchases.  Ok, maybe more than a few. 

This is a lovely village to stroll. The street is quite narrow as is the pedestrian walkway and we found ourselves stepping into the street at times, but it's just so pretty that we didn't mind the closeness of the vehicles. Besides, it's not like cars could pick up any speed coming through this busy time.

Ristorante Max is a fantastic restaurant.  It has an inviting entrance into a beautiful setting.  We didn't have reservations, but managed to get a seat at a shared 4-person table with another couple.  No biggie since the food is so darn delicious (in fact, we later learned that this restaurant is considered the best upscale restaurant in Positano).  We loved the food and had fantastic service from start to finish!

Oh my ❤️ I don't think we can leave this paradise. What do you think - should we add an extra day of beach or move on? Decisions!

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