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Italy (Day 8) Picturesque Positano

Positano By Day!
Oops, we did it again. Sun ☀️ Bums by Day, Full Moon 🌙 Antics by Night.
Positano By Night!
Here's the thing.  Positano is so amazing that we stayed another day! 

Nobody complained about more beach & pool time.


I had the same seafood dish AGAIN from the poolside bar. 

This evening we did not leave the kids in the hotel 😂 for dinner and they did not disappoint with 😂 shenanigans.

Instead of heading up, we took them to the lower side of the cliffside village strolling at beach level to our last supper in Positano.  As usual, the beach was completely empty by this time.
The vibe is pretty awesome with artists painting the landscape, live music, and beautiful market wares.

Our only not-so-good meal in Positano was at a beach level restaurant. Every single meal we had on the cliff was absolutely delicious. Not sure about the rest of the beachside restaurants, but we would recommend heading upside for the food, views, and village ambiance.

I got the sea urchin pasta and there was a great show of the reveal by our waiter. I had to contain my expression upon seeing the itty itty-bitty pieces of chopped urchin. It was a bit dry and flavor-less.

Rob was very excited to try the squid-ink pasta, but alas, he too was less than impressed.

Kids were less discerning and appeared happy with their selections.  Portions were unnecessarily ginormous!

Afterwards, we spent out last evening in Positano strolling the beachfront village.

The Marina Grande beach is the name of this beach at the base of the cliff side and it is the most recognized beach in the town. There are also many other beaches to explore, some of which can only be reached from the water.

The cats of Positano!

The church of Santa Maria Assunta features a dome made of majolica tiles as well as a thirteenth-century Byzantine icon of a Black Madonna. According to local legend, the icon had been stolen from Byzantium and was being transported by pirates across the Mediterranean. A storm had blown up in the waters opposite Positano and the frightened sailors heard a voice on board saying "Posa, posa!" ("Put down! Put down!"). The icon was unloaded and carried to the fishing village and the storm abated. 

This side of Positano is quite peaceful to stroll with very few passerby in the evening. The view as night blankets the village is beautiful.

Soon, it became too dark (and not as safe by the roadside) to continue walking.  Distracted by the views, we didn't realize how far we walked.  We had failed to consider the walk ALL the way back around.  There might have been some whining.  It might have been me.  Nonetheless, we eventually (after eternity) made it back.

So close, yet so far.  Those last stairs straight up...

Buona Notte, Dormi Bene da Positano! Tomorrow we say Goodbye. Wait until you see where we go next... 

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