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Laos (Days 27 & 28) Living Luang Prabang

Welcome to the dullest post of our entire trip. I had no idea how our trip would be going at this point when I planned it. Not knowing that the elephant sanctuary was going to be such a luxury resort in terms of accommodations (we really thought we would be roughing it), I set aside a couple of days to simply chill and recoup post-camping. They turned out to be unnecessary and if I had known, I would have moved one of the nights from here to Mekong Riverside prior to the Elephant Shangri-Lao. But, we enjoyed the slow-down by taking tuk-tuks into town, sunbathing at the pool, and of course, eating. Lao food is delicious and I look forward to finding out if there are any Laotian restaurants in DC. Please tell me if you know of any!

Weed. I had too much weed. River weed, that is. Hahahaha.

Me and my (river) weed. And Lao whiskey cocktail. I sure did enjoy those drinks :)

Boring pool pic

Some Laotian food pics. Trying to liven up this post.

Stuffed grilled lemongrass

Another boring pool pic

So, we took a wander outside My Dream and found this property for sale. It's very quiet on this street and seems like mostly a residential area. A couple of really nice places. Imagine the potential on this one. Shall we go in on it together? First things first, take down the Heineken sign.

Do you do this, too? For every travel, I imagine us setting down roots and not leaving. I eye each destination and wonder if it is the one for retirement in 15 or 20 years. Do you know where you will retire? Or where you dream to?

Please buy it for me, I want to stay in Laos!

Anyways, we came to our last night in Laos. We shook off laziness and had a tuk-tuk called to take us to the Night Market. Our driver showed up and took us over. When I exited the tuk-tuk, I noticed the license plate. Wait. This was our driver from before that we did not pay (remember we couldn't find him for the return trip). He hadn't even said anything when he picked us up and we hadn't recognized him. I only knew the plate because I had noted it so we could find the right tuk-tuk the other night. I told Rob and said pay him 2 fares; it's our driver that we owe. The driver wanted to arrange our return again, but we told him not to bother so we wouldn't inconvenience him trying to find us. Whew - we felt better settling our debt. 

I enjoyed my Beer Lao!

Caitlin really enjoyed sampling the street food.

Local Lao Market ❤️ Food sampling is my absolute favorite thing to do when exploring local markets. Loved the spicy 🌶 Laotian food. I'll eat anything grilled on a stick. Wanna try some? So so tasty 

Caitlin came running out of her bathroom screaming. Reminds me - Rob was touching a spider in the market and a guy tells him - "It's fine, but you should know that spider is poisonous."  Can anyone identify this one?

Luang Prabang, Laos captured our hearts and we look forward to returning and exploring other parts of the country. Ready to pick up the pace again?

Last night walking back to My Dream

Up Next: Cambodia or Bust!


  1. we arrive in laos mid december , you have made us even more excited!
    we loved cambodia too 😍

    1. Thanks for commenting! You should be excited - it's so incredible :)

  2. I'm pretty sure that spider is what we in Australia call a "Huntsman". We commonly get them in our home (the kids naming them) and we frequent see their shells (as they moult as they grow). They can potentially bite (as they kill cockroaches etc via this method) but I don't think anyone has ever been bitten and the toxicity is not enough to do harm. I note that your one is missing a leg (I hope you weren't battling it!!)

    1. I just knew I could count on an Aussie to set me straight :) I bet you have seen things. Battle it?! I don't battle things that can wrap around my face and suck out my brains. Nope. Did you see the spider from our walk down the falls on Day 24? It looks like a monster spider-scorpion combo!

  3. Thanks, I missed that blog day, but went back and had a look. That spider/lobster is a doozy!!! Most likely one of the many species of the "golden silk orb weaver" (genus Nephila) possibly the species Nephila pilipes, which is found throughout SE Asia. And yes Australia has small and large versions of this genus too. Currently as we approach summer, our Sydney backyard is full of their overnight webs (the orb spiders are about a quarter the size of your one) as they are nocturnal and sit in the middle of their webs waiting for prey. Luckily when I walk in the morning to feed the chooks (chickens) the spiders themselves are undercover in a branch but when you walk into their web without seeing it it does not stop your brain thinking therein a spider in the middle (resulting in a ritual Aussie dance not often observed by tourists). BTW well done on your blog, its a delight.

    1. Hahaha, that's great! We've never been to Australia, but it's on our list for sure. It'll be a long travel to reach there, so we will definitely plan a big itinerary.