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Omey Island, Ireland

Ohmygosh! One of the most amazing places yet! Omey Island is a tidal island that we DROVE to at low tide. Had we miscalculated, we could have been cut-off at high tide (which is high enough to cover a car). Follow the arrowed signs! — at Omey Island.

I had come across this place on the Internet, but wasn't sure what to expect. Rob stopped the car and looked over at me, "Do we just drive across it?" I guess, what could go wrong? We didn't realize it at the time, but in the parking lot at the entrance is a tide time table.  People with their wits would check it prior to going across.

So, we start across. Rob concludes that he isn't comfortable driving across the sea bed without knowing how soft it is and gets out to test the ground. It feels pretty compact. Pretty sure we won't get stuck, we continue. This is SO cool!

Looking across at the tide, wondering how fast it will come in.
Entrance to Omey Island!  We were dying to get out of the car and explore the tidal basin, but didn't want to get stuck on the island.  So after getting across successfully (Yeah!), we turned around to take the car back to the mainland and explore with less risk. 

We saw lots of vehicles having some FUN - driving in circles and going off the marked path. Playing in this wide strand was one of my favorite things we did in Ireland.

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