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Sail Away - Kinsale, Ireland (Day 6)

If you are looking for Caitlin or Molly, we left them in the dungeon! At Cahir Castle.

From the outside, the large castle does not look like much as it is completely surrounded by a protective wall.  It's on an island in a river.  But, once inside, it's a treat.  We were relieved that we could wander without a tour (the girls loved the narrow circular stairwell).  Rob and I were able to read the literature and learn the history without having to keep the girls in line.  This castle had some cool dungeons.  We contemplated leaving the kids behind.

We decide to drop the Rock of Cashel from our plans and instead headed right to Cahir Castle from Kilkenny.  After touring, we found a spot for lunch along the river and then made our way around Cork to get to Kinsale.  An easy travel day, but felt right.

Kinsale is where the Wild Atlantic Way begins.  The Wild Atlantic Way is a 2500 km touring route that follows the Atlantic coastline.  We traveled parts of it and it is quite magnificent.  It would be a great bragging accomplishment to complete it.  Maybe someday.  

As it was, we only had plans to overnight here in Kinsale, but I'm glad we got in early and had time to enjoy the colorful village during the day.    

We've arrived at our accommodations!   The girls are downstairs and the adults get the upstairs. We are staying in the penthouse of an old presbytery. At The Old Presbytery, Kinsale.

Coming through the village was comical.  The roads are narrow and curvy - you will see (good luck).  We got in early afternoon and after checking into our B&B, we headed over to see the Charles Fort before dinner.  I was worried that traffic would pick up around dinner time preventing us from getting back down the tiny streets, but Rob was so nonchalant about it, so off we went!

Wow - Nobody fell off the edge of a fort wall! At Charles Fort Kinsale.

This was my favorite ruins in Ireland!  The fort is a 17th century star-shaped fort that overlooks the harbor.  It was in use until 1922 and much of it remains intact.  I thoroughly enjoyed how eery it was to walk through the old accommodations that housed the garrison and their families.  

Rob and I both felt that if there were any ghosts to be seen in Ireland, this would be the place of most likely sighting.

Kinsale is gorgeous!  The streets are a bit tricky.  It seems like they should make them one way.  I'm quite sure that had I been driving, we would still be there trying to exit.  Yes, every street in every picture is a two way.  We only stayed one night and that was enough for us, but I could see getting comfy in this village for a longer stay.

In the morning, we filled up at breakfast before departing!  I got the fresh seafood with my eggs.  My less adventurous kids got crepes.  I should mention that all of the B&Bs that we stayed at in Ireland did breakfast to-die-for!  I was prepared for huge portions of the typical Irish breakfast of sausages, eggs and baked beans, but was delighted at the variety of offerings of farm-to-table and sea-to-table.  FRESHNESS!   

Before we checked out, we first took an early morning stroll to the marina.  It was nearly empty and very peaceful. 

Bye bye Kinsale - cute little sailing village with the memorable roads. At Kinsale Harbor.

Up next - Days 7-8 Kenmare, Ireland

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