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Dun Aonghasa, Ireland


Rob watched the girls so I could go up solo to Dun Aonghasa - a prehistoric cliff fort 300 feet high from sea built 1100 BC. I crawled on my belly to the edge and peered over. We can go home now. — at DĂșn Aonghasa.

Death grip on my camera, I stretched my arms and took the pic. I safely put my camera away and then peered over the edge. My bravery astounds me.
I'm really not sure the point of the fence. Because, clearly, it looks more dangerous on the other side?! BWAHAHAHA

Yep, I got braver the longer I was up here. 

I crawled on my belly and then rolled over onto my back. The sun in my face. See my bravery. I then rolled over and backed away on all fours away from the edge. I am a changed person. Forever.

Do you beach in the Irish cold sea? We did (some more than others). It was only us. Go figure. — at Inishmore, Aran Islands.

Oh! Forgot we needed to squeeze back into the tin can again for the return trip. Awesome views. Awesome experience. Still the longest 8 minutes, that ended too soon. — at Inishmore, Aran Islands.

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