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Family Time in Ireland - Reaching The End of Our Adventure (Days 19-20)

We left Athlone today to finish the trip back to Donabate but first, we were going to enjoy a welcomed treat - a visit with family.  Caitlin and Molly were going to meet and spend time with cousins.  In Ireland!  

We pulled into the cutest village (is there any other kind in Ireland?!) and first picked up a gift.  Rob wanted to know what I was doing out of the car when he returned.  Taking a pic, of course.  I couldn't resist.  I gotta get some hanging baskets when we return home.  To inevitably kill.  Not on purpose though.  

Still in Ireland! Finding cousins! — in Lucan, Dublin.

A great day! We enjoyed good company, good food, and good play!  My irish sister opened her house, her family, and her heart to us.  We came to see Ireland, but what makes this trip so special is the roots of family.  Our visit was too short, but thoroughly full of connections. 

After a boring drive back to Donabate on the most boring road in Ireland.  Hahahahaha, we were on the M-some_number boring freeway with MULTIPLE lanes.  Rob was clearly more comfortable as he drove much faster than usual.  I think he was even whistling through smiles at the lack of stone walls, sheer cliffs, oncoming traffic in his lane, and sheep.  I, meanwhile, died of boredom.    

The next day, we returned to our starting point - Donabate Beach.  The first place we stopped, and the last place.  This time though, we enjoyed it injury-free.  Whew!

Last day in Ireland! Spending it with Granny! — at Donabate Beach.

Good night Ireland! Tomorrow we go home!

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