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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Vietnam (Days 37 & 38) Winding Down

Welcome to the shortest post of our 40 day trip :)

We couldn't even be bothered to leave the hotel our last couple of days. We did see the boat shuttle take guests to city center, so if you are staying here it is very convenient.

Rob rented a pedal bike and explored the local neighborhood. I felt a little guilty that we didn't join him, but quickly got over it with another lychee martini. He came back saying it was a nice neighborhood, but not much in the street scene. I was amazed he didn't come back hands full of shopping bags and another piece of luggage.

I didn't want to over exert myself before the long journey home. You know, the one where I would need all my energy to do nothing but watch movies, sleep, and basically chill for a gazillion hours.

We may or may not have entertained thoughts of "missing" our flight home. Do you think we journeyed home smoothly and without mishaps? Do you think we extended our stay? Are we still in Vietnam?

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